uah – After Words

I immediately gravitated towards the dark minimalistic atmosphere in uah’s latest track, “After Words.” The amount of detail poured into this track is quite admirable let alone the way uah is able to bend genres and craft his own sound.

Starting the song off is a lone piano melody, slow and dark in nature but captivating every second it plays. Half way through the four and a half minute song, there’s a quiet diffusion of sorts where uah leaves the piano for a chaotic and somewhat melancholic synth melody. The transition between the two is utterly gorgeous and absolutely mesmerizing.

“I composed the track when I was trying to make sense of the difficult times a friend was facing. Building on samples from a Malaysia kampung, at first it sounds like a bit of a sad song, but really it’s about the universe being much more complicated, and rich, than that… right at the end is a strong and insistent melody that appears in the distance coming closer and that tells us that everything is ok – it’s difficult, but it’s ok….”

Rural Sounds