10 Piano Day Releases You'll Love


Piano Day is one of our favorite days to sit back and enjoy all the beautiful pieces that countless composers and musicians share. That’s why we’ve taken the time to comb through some of those projects and share with you our personal favorites from the recent celebration.

We get to see Chris Bartel’s new ambient project, Blurstem pair up with producer Brique a Braq (Derek Mount) and together they’ve created quite the lovely track, “Rubrik” which will also be featured on the forthcoming full length album from Blurstem later this year. The song is whimsical, dreamy and captures you instantly. If this track is a sign of what’s to come, I can only look forward to both Blurstem’s future release and any other collaborations these two do together.


The Berlin based composer and producer Kaleidoscope of Colours (Susanne Geisler) shares an uplifting and thought provoking song titled, “Colours Of The Rain.” The nearly three minute long track opens with a bright and inspiring style that continues and can be felt throughout the remainder of the track. I can appreciate the energy and tempo of the song as it creates an overall positive and wholesome experience while listening to it.


The next Piano Day 2019 song we thoroughly enjoyed is by composer Philip G Anderson and his track “Dreams.” It is featured on Sonder House’s well curated release, Recollections Vol. 2. The atmosphere in this piece has an intimate and gentle nature about it. The melodies slowly leak out, very softly pulling you into Anderson’s world. The tone also has a reverb filled sound which I’m sure most of the ambient fans out there can greatly appreciate.


There wasn’t much information I could dig up on the Minneapolis based producer, the ghost making but I can tell you that his Piano Day release is something very special and unique. The track is titled, “uncollapsing” and features a distant sounding piano that is swirling with melancholy. The slow, ambient atmosphere surrounding the recording gives it a nice textured feeling and compliments the ghost machine’s memorable song.


Composer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Watts shares with us his lovely track, “Lost Piano.” It starts with a warm and emotionally grabbing melody that immediately hooked me in. As the notes start to flow, a minor tape delay like effect can be heard on the melodies - and it’s perfect. It’s a great way to add just a slight bit of texture and dynamics to the song and gives the overall atmosphere a new layer of character.


Sound designer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Gianluca Piacenza showcases his striking and unique sound with the song, “Continuum.” Within seconds the piano has an intense and appealing feel to it. The way he balances the force coming from the melodies with the delicate notes that flow out - it’s an outstanding gem of a song. Just as quickly as the song began, you’re greeted with such a satisfying end, don’t skip this one.


The Belgian based composer Silent Noise Revolution (Jan De Block) presents his track, “Everytime You Leave” and it’s a beautiful blend of minimal notes and a laid back, relaxing atmosphere. What I really appreciate about this track is the mixture of organic sounds with electronic, glitch like effects that can be heard towards the end of the song. Throw it on an enjoy when you’re looking for those moments of peace.


There are quite a few things I enjoy about Amanda Bloom’s Piano Day release, but in specific I love the dark, somewhat gloomy atmosphere that can be found within her song, “Saffron.” The six and a half minute song features a range of melodies but attached to each is what sounds and feels like an intimate and personal journey. Bloom so easily keeps the the attention of the listener in this stunning and captivating song.


Each and every song Tristan Eckerson releases is an immediate gem to me. In his latest piece, “For Natalia” it features a somewhat lonesome melody that carries with it a beautiful layer of ambience. It’s a slower paced song and is perfect for those moments of solitude or when reflection is needed. Eckerson strikes at your core with this song as it carries a downhearted tone and vibe.


The final song in our top 10 Piano Day 2019 favorites comes from the composer Treman. This is another artist in which I wasn’t able to find too much background information on but I can greatly appreciate his or her composition style and the beautiful song, “Ley Line” that is also part of Sonder House’s Recollections Vol. 2 release. The song features an ambience that I can only equate to that of a setting sun - it’s warm, heart felt and incredibly memorable.