Three FX In One Box: AMA By AC Noises


Published on 2/14/2019 | May Contain Affiliate Links (What’s that?)

Imagine owning a pedal that had reverb, oscillation and bit crushing all in one. Okay, you don’t have to dream too hard because the folks at AC Noises have created a master piece of a pedal that crams all three of these amazing features into one - the AMA! It’s a straight forward pedal that features four control knobs (mix, resolution, reverb and sample rate). Oh and let’s not forget the sweet bit crusher switch in the middle of the pedal!

You can tweak the oscillation to give off a nice modulation sound or perhaps you’d rather dive in head first with the bit crusher and make some unique and wavy sounds. Or if you’re anything like me, maybe you just want to max out the reverb to create some nice ambient sounds.

The Ama pedal is a spring reverb with an analog oscillation + bit crusher an it works perfectly with guitar, bass, synth and basically every kind of instrument (human voice included). If you consider yourself as a “purist”, MAYBE the AMA could offer too much atypical shades for your idea of spring reverb pedal, but if you’re always excited to create new soundscapes, atmospheres and solutions, you could definitely fall in love with this first ambient-related AC noises pedal.

  • Top-mounted jacks.

  • Digital printed graphics.

  • Hand-built and designed in Italy.

  • True bypass switching.

  • Standard 9V DC negative power.

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