Agathe Alt - Mela Kol


Published on 2/21/2019 | May Contain Affiliate Links (What’s that?)

Recorded on 1/4” tape over the summer of 2018, Agathe Alt shares with us a lovely four track ep, Claro Mar. In specific, the song I’ve become most taken away with is “Mela Kol” and it’s cozy, summer vibe type of atmosphere.

For anyone who is a fan of Bibio and whimsical guitar and piano melodies, look no further. The warm environment Agathe Alt has created is inviting and a gentle reminder that peaceful moments are ahead.

The song has this characteristically unique guitar melody that drifts in and out of focus. Underneath this charming hook is a textured sample - something that sounds like the coastline. Together they create such a dreamy world, it’s difficult to not get lost in Agathe Alt’s charming style.

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