Ahren - Summit


Review: Ahren - Summit


I was happy to see a new track from the neo-classical composer, Ahren as his work always carries with it a refreshing style and tone. In his latest single, “Summit” we’re able to hear several piano melodies swarm around one another and together creating an intricately beautiful atmosphere.

Backing the gorgeous piano melodies are a warm selection of strings, giving the song a new layer of depth. Underneath the beauty of the instrumentation is the textured sound of waves crashing upon the shore - adding yet another unique and unforgettable layer to the song.

'“Summit is inspired by the flow of Water and represents a melancholic yet hopeful outlook on life. The piece starts off with a simple piano melody which is gradually accompanied by rich piano chords. It eventually opens up into a full orchestra with Cello and Violin. As the song progresses the water ambience (rain, river, sea) in the background becomes more intense leading to the grand finale towards the end, giving the listener the feeling of full immersion,” states Ahren.


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