AK - 2104


It’s early morning and there’s a blue haze as the sun is still struggling to rise. The grass outside is damp and everything looks fresh and new. As the colors change and the shadows begin to move, you hear the spacious synths from, “2104” settle in.

The song is a lovely ambient-synthwave blend, featuring a deep and impactful piano melody drenched in reverb. In between the lush pads and swells is a rhythmic vocal sample that gives the song a unique shape, one that I keep coming back to again and again.

Regarding the writing process behind this ep, AK said, “For this EP I tried to challenge myself to write something that doesn't have any drums. I also wanted to cut away any possible distractions from the music, and thus decided to deviate from the way I usually name my tracks. Instead, all of the track titles are the 4 digits that represent the date I started working on each respective song. I’d also like to mention that I handmade the artwork.”