Almanacs - Manglares


Review: ALMANACS - Manglares


It’s a rainy day here in Norway, doesn’t feel much like a summer atmosphere but at least I have an ambient gem to keep me company. Today I want to share the single, “Manglares” from the audio visual artist and designer, Almanacs (Wilmer Murillo).

It’s a peaceful song filled with textured details and lovely melodies that swirl around. The atmosphere within this track is very relaxing but progresses at such a lovely pace, it’s impossible to lose focus while enjoying, “Manglares.”

Most of Almanacs compositions are based on a generative approach, focusing in the aesthetic characteristics of sound, more than just traditional music execution of instruments, and leading the synthesizers, effect processors and computer thru the creative process of music composition, not exactly as a performer or writer, but more as an orchestra director, being the tools and instruments the actual musicians.