Augustin Fievet - Fallen Astronaut


There’s something mysterious about the sonic soundscapes Augustin Fievet is busy creating. Having just recently released his first release (ever), “Fallen Astronaut” is a lovely three minute track that showcases Augustin Fievet’s ability to combine atmospheric textures and chilled out beats.

Opening the song is a spacious pad that immediately grabs your attention. Moving from this whimsical synth, we’re introduced to a textured background that is scattered with tiny clicks here and there.

Just as you think you know where the song is headed, we’re presented with a clean and emotional piano melody that glides over the pads in such an easy and smooth manner. It compliments everything else in the song in such a lovely and heart warming way. Given that this is Augustin Fievet’s first release, I’m excited to hear what else he’ll share with us.


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