Brad Couture - Lightleaks


Review: Brad Couture - Lightleaks


The early morning fog is just beginning to lift, day break will soon arrive and you’re carrying a positive feeling of hope. As your eyes scan the horizon and look out into the distance, a beautiful and calming sound accompanies you on your journey. It’s the delicate and full of life notes that echo from Brad Couture’s latest track, “Lightleaks.”

This lovely four minute long song features a strikingly gorgeous piano melody that will immediately hook you in. It’s quite the cinematic piece but also carries with it a motivational and uplifting tone - one that reminds you peaceful times are ahead.

Hours alone. Low lights, late nights, and soft melodies. This is how NH-born composer Brad Couture crafts his music from start to finish - writing, playing, recording, and mixing all his own material in the isolation of his studio. From the first hammer strike on piano string, to the last synthesizer wrapping up all in a warm blanket, his sonic structures are constructed with care -  emotionally inspired and acoustically defined.