Buruks - An Altered State (Ambient)


Soft piano keys open up the latest track, “An Altered State (Ambient)” in Buruks well crafted, ambient soundscape. Underneath the strikingly beautiful keys are a series of lush pads that give the song a gentle feeling. The combination of this instrumentation leaves the listener with a weightless feeling, almost as if they’re floating within the song.

As the song progresses, we’re introduced a notable and refreshing synth lead that gives the song an unexpected boost in energy. Reminding me of early synthwave, “An Altered State (Ambient)” is an extraordinary track, one that so easily pulls you in and swallows you whole.

“The track was written with the concept of being in a meditative state of mind and experiencing the world within. Consciousness is a subject that we still barely understand, and I wanted to write a track that represented how it feels on the journey inward,” says Buruks as he discusses the approach to the track.