Chris Tuttle - Silent Stars

Chris_tuttle_silent_stars .png

Combining electronic elements with those of organic, warm sounds is composer and producer Chris Tuttle as he shares with us his brand new single, “Silent Stars.”

This is one of those songs that can be the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Whether you have a long night of studying ahead or you’re about to spend the day outdoors, this is a must have track that will only inspire and make you feel at home.

One of my favorite elements in “Silent Stars” is the upbeat (yet relaxed) percussion that pulsates throughout this song. It’s the right amount of energy and it compliments Tuttle’s spacious synths. As you take in each moment of this gorgeous song, you’ll notice how everything is placed just right and leaves you wanting more.

Tuttle is a seasoned producer and has had the opportunity to tour the world and work other seasoned artists however with his freshly released solo project, I can only look forward to what other gems Tuttle will share with us.


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