Review: CLAVVS - Fade


If you’re looking for a blend of downtempo and smooth, electronic beats - no need to look any further, we’ve got you covered. Today we came across the electronic duo, CLAVVS (Amber Renee and Graham Marsh) and have been enjoying their brand new single, “Fade.”

The track is drenched in a mysterious, dark and inviting sound. From the mesmerizing beat to Amber Renee’s hypnotic like vocal melodies, together this duo creates a one of a kind atmosphere. As the lyrics, “Let Me Fall” echo throughout the chorus, it becomes very apparent how CLAVVS has created a unique style and sound that isn’t commonly found.

Both Amber and Graham come from a diverse musical background, which would explain the enormous amount of talent floating throughout this song. Amber grew up performing in musical theater and singing her original Americana songs at local venues. And Graham spent years on the major label side of the industry, earning four Grammys for his work with acts like Bruno Mars and Gnarls Barkley before walking away to find a place in music that felt a bit more human.