Dave Griffiths - Liturgy of the Hours: Lauds

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Review: Dave Griffiths - Liturgy of the Hours: Lauds


Within seconds of hearing the multi-instrumentalist and composer Dave Griffiths’ song, “Liturgy of the Hours: Lauds” I instantly felt at ease and a sense of peace. This two and a half minute song is a wonderful combination of ambient pads and neo-classical strings, together creating a tranquil and one of a kind listening experience.

The Dorset based musician has created something very special and lovely with this new single and I can only look forward to his future release.

“'Liturgy of the Hours' is a series of ambient piano instrumentals inspired by the 'canonical hours' of prayer observed in monasteries. 'Lauds' is the name for the dawn call to prayer. This piece evokes the peace of the early morning,” said Griffiths regarding the inspiration behind the track.