Review: DJ ST THOMAS - 323


You’re in for a special treat when you hear DJ ST THOMAS’ brand new track, “313.” The end of summer feels that stem from this are unlike anything else and leave you wanting those long days to last for just a bit more.

From the hypnotic beat to the captivating vocal melodies that hover above the lo-fi house inspired track - “323” is such a catchy song that I haven’t been able to put down.

Newcomer Pedi Hashemian, who performs as DJ ST THOMAS, aims to produce a divine mix of sprawling electronics with a glistening, funky aura. The New York City based Persian experimental electronic artist quickly established himself with his well-received debut single “FODDER" earlier this summer. With "FODDER," DJ ST THOMAS is setting into motion his eclectic vision and affinity for a multitude of genres, which will culminate in the release of his debut EP MATRIMONY, out on November 8th.