DOV - Sell It To Me Harshly (Feat. TESHA)


I’m feeling beyond spoiled today by all the amazing songs I get to review. And this is absolutely one of them.

DOV (Dov Eagle) is an artist I’ve recently become familiar with and I find myself falling in love with everything he produces. The multi-instrumentalist and composer is originally from Tel Aviv but recently relocated to NYC after having served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces.)

In his latest track, “Sell It To Me Harshly” he collaborates with the other worldly vocalist, TESHA and together they make something so extraordinary. The song opens with a deep bass line that is complimented by the surrounding glitches and soft notes floating beneath it. Just as you’re falling more and more for this instrumental intro, TESHA’s unreal and unique vocals come into play. The melody she croons is layered with what sounds like pitched vocals (think Fevery Ray/The Knife) and damn does it sound brilliant.

What I can appreciate the most about these two collaborating is how both the instrumentation and vocal melodies are given time and space to breathe and stand out on their own. Every second of this track is heavenly - don’t skip this one.


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