Ed Carlsen - Words


Review: Ed Carlsen - Words


Based in Sardinia, Italy is the composer and producer Ed Carlsen who presents his latest track, “Words.” Released on the Canadian label, Moderna Records, “Words” is from Carlsen’s upcoming album, Morning Hour which will be released on September, 27th 2019.

The song features an incredible amount of fine tuned and precise instrumentation, with each part shining in its own absolute right. From the intricate piano melodies that swirl in and out of focus, to the synth melody that bubbles in the background, “Words” is quite the master piece and a great teaser of what’s to come from Carlsen’s upcoming album.

Throughout Morning Hour, it becomes clear that the electric guitar is the prominent element, with Carlsen’s swelling guitar style painting broad strokes throughout. The string quartet featured on the album is Krakow’s DobryTon, while Carlsen himself handled all piano, guitar, synth, electric bass and electronics programmed himself.