Elijah Bisbee - What The Winds Bring (hushed)


Elijah Bisbee’s Piano Day 2019 contribution is quite stunning and I’m very thankful to have come across such a peaceful, inspiring piece. “What The Winds Bring (hushed)” blends neo-classical and ambient textures, creating a relaxed atmosphere for the listener to get lost within.

There are several, subtle melodies that can be found swirling about in the song - all of which have a beautiful, dreamy type of style and sound. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Bisbee comes from a post-rock background having been in bands such as NOMADS whereas with this release, we find him creating a more calm and ambient environment for listeners. This is the perfect song to listen to first thing in the morning when everything is still fresh and quiet - it gives a hopeful feeling and solid inspiration for the day ahead.