ELSE - Night Thoughts


The plane has just touched down, you’ve been patiently waiting for this new adventure for weeks on end. As the anticipation has grown, you’re not quite sure what to expect in this new and foreign land. Your first step outside and you’re greeted with warm, summer heat and imagery you’ve never experienced before. The thrill of this new adventure is pulsating throughout your body, you can barely contain the excitement of wandering the streets and taking in every new memory. As you make your way through this unfamiliar landscape, you hear an uptempo song with a melody that breathes life into every moment.

That song is, “Night Thoughts” by the French duo ELSE. In their latest single, a hypnotic melody can be found bouncing from one space to the next, filled with an invigorating sound and style. It’s the perfect companion for your next adventure, filled with a delicious beat and tempo that immediately captivates you within seconds of hearing.