Elskavon - Familiarity


In Elskavon’s latest piece, “Familiarity” we’re introduced to a stunning piece that begins with a soft, subtle start. The textures that float underneath the track give it a lovely feeling, one filled with warmth and joy. As the song progresses, we’re greeted with a mesmerizing piano tone that is incredibly dreamy to say the least.

We’ve become quite the fans of everything Bartels creates. From his recent collaborations with Lowercase Noises to Blurstem - the amount of detail poured into each track is unbelievably awe-inspiring.

Based in Minneapolis is the composer and producer behind Elskavon, Chris Bartels. Much like these songs and past Elskavon albums, there is a journey of contrasts with every creative turn for Bartels, finding himself deep in a whirlwind of excitement and fear, anticipation and anxiety, inspiration and frustration. And while being fully aware of the negative sides of that whirlwind, there’s an indescribable beauty and hope in the choice to keep writing, to keep moving. And to not simply run from the negatives, but to allow them to inspire, to motivate.

With this next album era, Bartels is choosing to embrace the contrast.