Emancipator and 9 Theory - Chameleon


Recently the eclectic producers, Emancipator and 9 Theory joined forces to create a stunning four-track ep, Cheeba Gold on Emancipator’s own imprint, Loci Records.

The outcome of such a union is something to admire, in specific the track, “Chameleon” is one I find myself gravitating towards over and over again. I deeply appreciate the jazz and trip-hop elements floating in this song. It’s been awhile since I’ve experienced such an organic and throwback feel. From the hypnotic melodies to the laid back beats, both Emancipator and 9 Theory have excelled in this collaboration and have created an ep that is truly unique and a fresh breath of air. I can only hope this leads to more projects from the duo as this ep explored new sounds and rhythms that I’d love to hear more often.


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