Exportion - 525°


Turn the lights down low, block out any shred of sunlight and let yourself sink into the gorgeous work of videographer/painter Yuki Izumi and musicographer Takahisa Hirao. Together they form Exportion and have shared the otherworldly song, “525°.”

Within the first few seconds, we’re greeted to a slow moving melody of chords. They move in a beautiful manner with somewhat of a glacial speed, something any ambient fan will appreciate it. As the song progresses, the colorful visuals that accompany this minimalistic song are exceptional and add an extra layer of relaxation to this already outstanding track.

The song comes from their latest release, Khronos in which they express a 24-hour period using field recording materials sampling morning, noon, evening, and night. Each track title is named after the position of the second hand of the clock (ex: 24 hours, 720°).