Fakear - Nausicaa


There’s something incredibly moving about Fakear’s latest track, “Nausicaa.” Aside from being named after one of my favorite movie characters, the raw energy floating in this track is refreshing to hear.

The percussion utilized by Fakear is very tribal in nature but has a flow that will get you moving. Just as soon as you become hooked by the beat, the bass line is just as hypnotizing and pairs amazingly well with the rhythm section in this song. And the vocals? They’re unreal sounding (in the best imaginable way) and at the same time they motivate and empower the listener in some magical form. Don’t take my word for it, dive into the song and hear what I mean about the well placed vocals.

Regarding the overall theme of the song, Fakear had the following to say…

“Nausicaa, like the princess of the Odyssey, but especially as the heroine of Miyazaki, this woman, in love with life and each of its forms, mocking the stakes of the human ego to better respect and understand the Earth. This song, I see it as a dance of the night, an invitation to dive into itself to release the deepest creative energy.”

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