Felix Martinz - The Great Filter


When you’re looking for a moment of peace and relaxation, I highly recommend listening to “The Great Filter” by the Swedish producer and composer, Felix Martinz. His ability to create something filled with unique details, where every instrument moves at the perfect pace is unlike anything I’ve experienced.

“The Great Filter” is a wonderful combination of ambient swells and neo-classical piano tones - together they create a wholesome atmosphere that is waiting to comfort whoever will give it a listen.

In regards to the concept behind the two track ep, Martinz had this to say, “This release contains 2 tracks, each representing the two possible and overwhelming scenarios in the concept. Either we have passed the Great Filter ahead of us (this song (post), meaning we are alone in the galaxy being an advanced civilization) or we have passed it (the other song in the release (pre), meaning we will face extinction).”