Forest Management - Blue Leaves


The Chicago based experimental project, Forest Management shares with us his latest track, “Blue Leaves” from the ep, Passageways.

According to Forest Management (John Daniel) this is his most personal work to date. An ode to his childhood home - a secluded apartment complex in Cleveland that his parents managed - "Passageways" refer to the various connecting hallways running between rooms as much as it refers to the way the passing of time overtakes our perception of spaces that seemed to be endless corridors into discovery and imagination.

Given the inspiration and backing story of Passageways, it stood out to me how “Blue Leaves” feels like a beautiful overlap of memories and melodies. The depth and amount of layers within this track are absolutely stunning and somewhere hidden within is a melancholic tone that grabbed me in.

If you’ve become attached to “Blue Leaves” like myself, you can purchase a copy of the release on vinyl here.


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