GEO - Good In The Bad


This is my first encounter with GEO, the Los Angeles based producer who so easily blends elements of jazz and lo-fi hip hop. Sprinkled throughout his work are stunningly beautiful details, like the vocal samples utilized in his latest track, “Good In The Bad.”

The song has a cozy vibe to it, one that you can sink yourself into. Opening with a warm string section, we’re quickly greeted to a laid back and melancholic piano melody. These two pieces are paired with a glitched out vocal melody and it’s just heavenly.

“‘Good In The Bad’ is the most introspective song off of my upcoming EP Sincerely. As a whole, the EP is about battling my 20's and feeling lost in my own identity. "Sincerely." is chaotic, confident, messy, sensitive, and candidly optimistic; my second single ‘Good In The Bad’ explores the latter.