GEO - With A Feeling


Review: GEO - With A Feeling


The Los Angeles based producer and beat maker, GEO shares his latest track, “With A Feeling” from his upcoming release, Sincerely. We’re presented with a wonderful mixture of jazz and downtempo melodies, as they fuse together and create one of the most colorful and laid back atmospheres I’ve heard in a long time.

Opening with a warm and organic beat, we’re quickly introduced to a spellbinding bass line that gives the song a unique sense of rhythm and life. Soon after there’s a delightful piano melody that floats over the song and gives such a relaxing and inspiring sound.

Speaking about the creation behind, “What A Feeling” GEO said, “‘With A Feeling’” is a reminder to myself to value why I love music in the first place and to trust my own compass when it comes to creating. This song is a tour of my earliest loves in music; Earth Wind & Fire, George Benson, and Stevie Wonder featuring tempo changes, sonic changes, and a Stevie-inspired soli section. Beyond music, “With A Feeling” also reminds me to unapologetically fall in love with my gut, it reminds me that my only job is to commit sedulously to what I have a passion for and know that whatever the outcome, I was honest with myself.”