Gundelach - Bolder


The Oslo based producer and vocalist Gundelach shares with us his dreamy and laid-back track, “Bolder.”

There’s a hidden uptempo like energy floating through, “Bolder” and I’m a huge fan of the way Gundelach has balanced his intimate vocal melodies and the cool, clean synths that swirl around the song. The entire song has this somewhat minimalistic vibe to it but when you sit down and give it some proper attention, you’ll notice all of the amazing details poured into each second of the track. From the way the vocals ever so lightly fade into one another or how the synths bounce around in a perfect union.

Gundelach has said the foundation of this song and upcoming ep was inspired by the famous Munch painting, “Self-Portrait In Hell” after he was asked to make an interpretation of an Edvard Munch painting.


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