Gunnarsson - Hope


It’s the end of a long work day, you have countless things pre-occupying your mind and all you can focus on is the music floating through the air from the room next door. It’s slower paced, has a dark but inviting tone as piano melodies carefully move from one moment to the next. The song that has so easily captivated you is, “Hope” by the German based producer and composer, Gunnarsson.

“Hope” is a beautiful piece that showcases Gunnarsson’s incredible skills and talent. Creating a track that balances between neo-classical and ambient, it’s been an incredible delight to listen to “Hope” several times over and to appreciate every subtle detail found within the song.

“Given the urgency of our social and political challenges, hope is what we need most right now; it is the greatest gift we can give each other, and the greatest tool we can use as we plan our future. It is our fuel and our flame; if each of our lives has a soundtrack, then hope must be the bass drum.” says Gunnarsson about the song.