Hollingen - Wander


Review: Hollingen - Wander


With colder weather quickly approaching, I find myself gravitating towards the dark and mysterious tones that perfectly capture my current surroundings. Once I heard, “Wander” by the Swedish composer and producer, Hollingen I felt an instant connection with the stunningly beautiful track.

Opening the song is a series of haunting piano melodies that quietly build up into a cinematic moment of sorts. The warm string section that is paired with the melodies is equally as beautiful and gives the song another layer of depth and detail.

“This song is inspired by my summer spending time in the nature and hiking in northern Sweden. Normally I live an urban life and like most people, often my mind is occupied with scattered thoughts about the future and other aspects of my life,” states Hollingen.

Whether you’re a neo-classical or ambient fan, you’ll find yourself fully immersed and in love with this wonderful song.


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