Hugar - Logn


Review: Hugar - Logn


When I heard the Icelandic duo Hugar’s latest track, “Logn” I was immediately captivated by the rich orchestral strings and delicate piano melodies that drift throughout the song. Comprised of multi-instrumentalists, Bergur Þórisson and Pétur Jónsson together they craft quite the dynamic and emotionally stirring soundscapes I’ve heard in some time.

“Logn” opens with a dark and gloomy atmosphere, one that makes you picture Iceland in the winter - nothing but darkness and cold. However, as things progress we hear a slight change and a warm, light hearted feeling is introduced. The overall feeling of the track is quite dramatic and is produced with such detail and precision.

“The songs explore the contrasts between order and disorder – Ró being order and Órói disorder. Growing up in Iceland, you experience extremes of nature in everyday life, walking to school in a snow blizzard and riding your bike in the calm midnight sun. The songs are our attempt to put our everyday experiences into sounds.”