J. Lamotta - Back In Town


It might (or might not) come as a surprise to some of you that one of my favorite artists (ever) is Sade. I mean, who can’t resist her soulful vocals? With that being said, when I come across new artists that feature warm and intimate vocals, I’m usually the first to fall in love.

And that’s exactly what happened with the Berlin based singer-songwriter and producer, J. Lamotta in her latest track, “Back In Town.” The way her voice croons over the smooth, jazz inspired background is absolutely delightful. Every aspect of this song is mesmerizing and very captivating. From the percussion to the flow of her vocal melodies, it’s a stunning piece of work.

Regarding her sophomore album, Suzume, J.Lamotta had this to say about the release. "I didn't plan to put 'Back In Town' on this album. I always liked playing this song but also thought it might sound too "jazzy" for this album. A few weeks before our recording session, my band and I hung out after a gig and they told me they think we should record it in the studio. Suddenly I realized I shouldn't be ashamed of my musical background, the same way no one should feel ashamed of their heritage." 


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