Juno Mamba - Flicker

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Review: Juno Mamba - Flicker


The textural layers found within, “Flicker” were the first thing that hooked me into this rare and unique piece. It wasn’t long before I became transfixed by the beat and how well it paired with the low ends of the bass.

This is my first encounter with Juno Mamba and you can consider me a dedicated fan as I’ve loved exploring the detailed productions and intricate sounds he crafts.

There isn’t a dull moment in this track and I’m in awe with every listen as I find something new to fan girl about as Juno Mamba has shared with us a gem of a song. The track is taken from his upcoming ep, Light Echoes.

“The process of creating Light Echoes ended up being a journey of self-discovery. Trying to get an understanding of the world; past, present and future, and how I see myself fitting within this landscape has always been a constant struggle. How can I contribute positively to this world and what do I want to leave behind?”"