Justin Robinson - Adrift

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Premier: Justin Robinson - Adrift


Currently residing in Monterey, California is the ambient producer and composer, Justin Robinson. His latest single, “Adrift” is a stunning four minute piece that is filled to the brim with wondrous textures and swells.

Both the title and cover artwork are perfect for the spacious environment Robison created within, “Adrift.” The song immediately engulfs the listener with several layers of pads, each containing their own distinct and unique sound. Whether it’s for meditating or bring peace to the end of a long and stressful day, “Adrift” does an amazing job at relaxing the listener and instilling a sense of calm and hopefulness.

Robinson creates these ambient soundscapes using generative compositional techniques. The result is peaceful, calming music that may be played and enjoyed over very long stretches of time.