LEHNBERG - Arrival


Review: LEHNBERG - Arrival


I’m quite the sucker for textured soundscapes, ones that can go on repeat for what feels like ages all the meanwhile there are subtle and meaningful changes as time goes on. I was able to find this type of beauty within LEHNBERG’s (David Lehnberg) track, “Arrival” from the release, Arrival/Inter Dentist.

Under the name, LEHNBERG, David goes deeper into the magical electronic music world where the instrumental harmonies of broken beats, ambient and a strong experimental lust forms a vivid dreamlike experience for the listener. Influences from all corners of the world is taken in and scaled down to an electronic kaleidoscope that creates a very hypnotic soundscape.

If you’ve had a busy or stressful day, I highly suggest you enjoy this track on your best set of speakers or headphones and sink into all of the wonderful details within this gorgeous song.


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