Liam.M - I Freeze Up


I was thrilled to come across Liam.M’s latest single, “I Freeze Up” as we hear the producer release an ambient focused track, one filled with a stunning amount of details and extraordinary melodies.

The 22 year old producer is a versatile artist known for working within several genres. This time around, we get to experience his ambient side and needless to say, it’s absolutely gorgeous. “I Freeze Up” is filled with captivating ambient swells, vocal melodies drenched in reverb and spaced out notes that create a wall of sound. This three minute track almost feels too short as I sit here and wish it would continue on loop for another 10 minutes in the very least. Regarding the name behind the song, Liam.M said, “The name comes from those times we've all experienced when we panic or lose the nerve to do as we should, and I feel like the music matches that.”