Litche - Nothing To Lose


Review: Litche - Nothing To Lose


Within the opening seconds of hearing, “Nothing To Lose” by the Australian producer, Litche I was immediately engulfed by his whimsical style and sound.

There’s a playful melody that greets listeners at the start of the track and transports them to a fun and relaxing soundscape. The way in which the beat swirls around the melody and gives off a hypnotizing rhythm is something I deeply appreciate and love about the track.

“This song came together really quickly. Alone in my bedroom, I was playing around with my OP-1 Synthesizer making arpeggiated loops while experimenting with stretching, shrinking and warping the samples in Ableton. After layering and arranging all of those loops and adding further production, I ended up with a song,” said Litche regarding the production behind the track.