Logan Nelson - Lost In Translation


Review: Logan Nelson - Lost In Translation


As another week comes to an end, it feels great to sit back and listen to a peaceful track that is filled with beautiful piano melodies and spacious ambient swells. The track I’m referring to is Logan Nelson’s latest song, “Lost In Translation.”

It’s quite the cinematic piece and features intricate piano and string melodies - each bringing forth their own style and energy.

Regarding the production, Logan Nelson said, “Lost in Translation reflects my efforts in this project to translate my musical thoughts into sonic audio. On film projects, I'm consistently inspired by breathtaking visuals and amazing performances; these visual cues inspire the music in my head. For this project I had none of that. Only abstract concepts and experimentations that gradually came together by piecing together fragments of audio and discovering what aspects of music I was drawn to, and how to bridge the gap between classical, commercial, and film music.”