M O O D Demonstration by Knobs


Enjoy the talented crew at Knobs as they do a wonderful product demonstration of Chase Bliss Audio’s latest pedal, M O O D. It is the result of a collaboration between Chase Bliss, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, and the Belgium-based Drolo. Its two channels of delays and looping options allow you to stretch, twist, freeze, and otherwise manipulate your audio in myriad ways.

In the spirit of pollination: https://chaseblissaudio.com/product/mood

0:33 - Overview

2:20 - Clock

4:35 - Reverb

6:13 - Delay

10:00 - Slip

11:50 - Tape

14:08 - Stretch

16:23 - Envelope

18:12 - With synth

20:18 - Outro

Guitar - Danelectro Dead on '67 Amp - Fender Blues Jr. Synth - Elektron Digitone

To download the audio from this demo and other demos and stuff: https://www.patreon.com/KNOBs