Mazoulew - Overdue

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Review: Mazoulew - Overdue


The fourth label release from the eclectic Stereofox Records is by the electronic composer/producer, Mazoulew as he shares with us his single, “Overdue.”

It’s a gorgeous blend of trip-hop + jazz inspired beats, meanwhile the melodies that delicately play above it are simply breathtaking. The entire soundscape of this track immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease. It’s the perfect song to help whisk you away from the stress of the day and to take you on a journey of calmness and peace.

Mazoulew began his music journey in 2004 after falling in love with trip hop and the art of sampling. Inspired by various genres like Motown, acid jazz and drum&bass, the UK producer has been on a perpetual journey of broadening his influences – something you can experience in his music.