Memory Scale - Seize Neuvième

Memory_scale_ Seize_Neuvième.jpeg

Blending together ambient and electronica, Memory Scale creates a world all of its own that features various soundscapes, glitch like fx and more. In specific, the song, “Seize Neuvième” from the album The Analog Sunset Memory showcases Memory Scale’s unique ability to create a new and mesmerizing universe of sound.

Opening the song is an explosive like synth that quickly fades and gives way to layers of pads and textured sounds. Somewhere hidden within the notes and melodies is a retro 1980’s feeling - almost like a slight nod to the early emergence of synths.

All of the tracks featured on the album were composed between 2007 and 2017 and together they are connected and express different events and memories from along the way.


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