Methyl Lily - Unmixed With Gray


Methyl Lily is the project from multi-instrumentalist and producer Tyler Wells Lynch, and he’s recently shared his stunning track, “Unmixed With Gray.” I was immediately drawn into this piece due to the fascinating artwork, and once I began to hear the complex and rich in tone environment Methyl Lily made, I knew this would become an instant favorite.

The song opens in a subtle and intimate manner - textured cracks can be heard scattered about, along with a quiet whisper. We’re then introduced to a warm piano melody that makes you feel as though you’re drifting. It’s paired with scattered notes from a violin and together they play off one another, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. Once the percussion kicks in, the jazz fanatic within me sits back and appreciates each and every second that plays out.

This is a gorgeous song that is filled with outstanding details and captivating melodies, I would highly recommend everyone puts this one on immediately and embraces the beauty Methyl Lily has created.