Minismus - Coda


Weaving together orchestral strings, woodwind instrumentation and intimate piano hooks is the composer and producer, Minismus. The way in which he so easily creates an epic setting is beyond awe-inspiring, it’s simply gorgeous.

In his latest album, Film we’re presented with the closing track, “Coda” in which Minismus showcases his talented skillset. The peaceful and melancholic atmosphere is unlike anything else - whimsical with a touch of sadness.

Regarding the creation of the song, Minismus had this to say, “It’s the sound of me realizing I might not have many years left in this life (cancer) and set out at great speed to make a set of solid orchestral works as if the clock was running out on being able to put out memorable content that could be passed down to my two year old son if I'm unable to be with him as he grows up. But also it’s music made to be paired with film since it’s essentially in the style of soundtrack music and not just designed to be a standalone classical album.”

This isn’t a piece to skip on, it’s a beautiful composition that any listener can connect with.