Nina Keith - In The Woods We Both Saw It, Weren't Dreaming

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Review: Nina Keith - In The Woods We Both Saw It, Weren't Dreaming


Even though the year isn’t finished just yet, I can already feel in it my bones how Nina Keith’s debut album, MARANASATI 19111 will be one of my favorite releases from the year. I mean how could it not? Especially after hearing gorgeous tracks such as, “In The Woods We Both Saw It, Weren't Dreaming,” where we’re greeted with an otherworldly piano melody that instantly hooked me in.

The tone found throughout this track is quite lovely and brings back memories of my youth. Perhaps it’s the various textures utilized in this song or the melancholic sound attached to the melodies, but when paired together they create a dreamy atmosphere that I’ve been enjoying over and over.

For those who aren’t familiar with the extraordinary artist, Nina Keith is a trans woman composer and multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia. Her debut album features textured piano arrangements laced with vocals, flute, electronics and found sounds. While rooted in contemporary classical music, the record ebbs and flows with a unique human quality, informed by its compelling narrative. Inspired by her experience in EMDR therapy, Nina Keith explores a personal history marked by community tragedy and paranormal incidents, and seeks to create a more equanimous, reverent relationship with death and the unknown.