Norwell - Don't Follow Me

Norwell - Dont follow me.jpeg

Review: Norwell - Don't Follow Me

What a refreshing find it was to come across Norwell and Maxy Dutcher’s latest collaboration, “Don’t Follow Me” released on the always amazing label, Sonder House.

Blurring the lines between melancholic pop and ambient atmospheres, “Don’t Follow Me” features a beautiful blend of unforgettable vocal melodies and backing instrumentation that is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re floating. It’s difficult for me to have a favorite moment within this song given how every second is awe inspiring and filled with lovely details.

Maxy Dutcher is an electronic musician from Missoula, Montana who primarily creates experimental ambient and dance music. He uses both organic textures and a combination of analog and digital equipment to make lush soundscapes and driving, interlocking rhythms. Norwell makes brooding music with intention. Spacious live shows compliment layered recordings, and the Missoula, MT indie-rock band aims to lose you in all of it.