Oisima - Lovin' You Was Easy (feat. Wallace)


There’s something incredibly cozy about Osima and Wallace joining forces and sharing the gem of a song, “Lovin’ You Was Easy.” The emotion that can be felt from this song is unbelievable but also incredibly relatable. Maybe it’s the mesmerizing percussion and how the beat acts like a heartbeat, or perhaps it’s the soul melodies Wallace is crooning.

Regarding the theme behind the song, Oisima had this to say. “The song is about emerging from a difficult relationship and rediscovering yourself in the process. ‘Lovin You Was Easy’ is about reclaiming one’s mind, body and spirit after not being in such a good place. It’s a reflection of the personal journey people take, and how incredible it feels to be on the sunnier side after being in a dark place.”

There are bits of jazz, neo-soul and trip-hop infused within this song. With the weekend already here, it feels like the perfect escape as I leave the long work week and fall into this song with open arms.