Owari - Last Dawn


I’m always a sucker for when an artist mixes bits and pieces of several genres. This is the case with U.K. based artist and producer, Owari as he presents his latest single, “Last Dawn.” Drawing upon a variety of sounds, we get to hear a lovely mix of trip-hop, electronica and jazz all fused into one gem of a song.

It’s difficult for me to have one favorite moment from the track but I find myself completely entranced by the hypnotic percussion and beat. It gives the song such a unique and wonderful layer of depth but is paired with an equally wonderful melody that swirls about.

“‘Last Dawn' was the main driving force of my debut EP. The inspiration came from the likes of Slow Magic and Dawn Golden, however the project originated from my first time returning home after moving away for my studies. To me, the instrumental represents the personal development of my ability as a producer, coming from classically playing the piano to adventuring into electronic production, and that progression means a lot personally.”