Past Palms - III. Livistona


It’s late in the afternoon, the busy streets below are filled with traffic and noise, all you want to do is escape the chaos and relax. You quickly head home and as soon as you step inside, you’re overcome with a welcoming sense of relief. It’s breezy, quiet and the shade from your indoor plants are transporting you to somewhere far away from the city streets.

Behind this relaxing feeling are the sounds of Past Palms latest track, “III. Livistona.” From the laid back beats to the peaceful ambient swells, everything about this song is incredibly lush and inviting. It’s the perfect song to throw on when you need a moment of peace or perhaps need that hit of inspiration.

The New York based producer has compared his work to creating, “Lo-fi music to water your plants to.” I don’t think it’s get any better than that vivid and strikingly accurate description.