Per Störby Jutbring - The Thief Bunny Society

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Review: Per Störby Jutbring - The Thief Bunny Society


It was quite the delightful listening experience to hear the Swedish composer and producer, Per Störby Jutbring’s brand new release, “The Thief Bunny Society.” Consisting of various piano, string, clarinet and electronic elements, the atmosphere found within this song is very inspirational and brings forward a hopeful style and feeling.

Born and raised on the west coast of Sweden, there’s a very organic and natural sound that emanates from his work - perhaps its this influence from the great outdoors that finds its way into Per Störby Jutbring’s work as there are moments of wonderment throughout, “The Thief Bunny Society.”

If you’ve enjoyed this single, keep an eye out as the album is set for an October 18th release date on Swedish label Hoob Records.