Petit Biscuit - Wide Awake


Producer and composer Petit Biscuit combines organic textures with glitched out bass lines to create something quite breathtaking. The result is his latest track, “Wide Awake.

Petit Biscuit (Mehdi Benjelloun) does a great job at balancing energetic beats and whimsical synth melodies. When paired with his laid back vocals, they create something unique that anyone can fall into. I highly recommend giving this track a listen when you’re out on your next adventure or when you need a bit of energy to get you through the work day.

Speaking on the making of the track, Petit Biscuit said, “I wanted ‘Wide Awake’ to be a track that defies encompasses an audacious blend of my world music and chill universe, that ends up completely broken up by bass music. Like a relentless battle between nature and digital.”


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