Philip G Anderson - Along The Forest Floor

Philip_G_Anderson_ Wilderness.jpg

Philip G Anderson’s latest release, Wilderness contains several lovely gems, but the one that really grabbed my attention was the three minute track, “Along The Forest Floor.”

The strings are absolutely stunning. Seriously. The warmth they carry is quite spectacular and they create the perfect spacious background. Floating in a perfect harmony above the strings is a light and airy piano melody. It has an inspiring sound to it, and gives you a bit of inspiration and hope.

According to Anderson the outdoors was a major source of inspiration for him.

“I was inspired early on by imagery of the vast wilderness in the Pacific Northwest. I wondered what the dense forests, flowing rivers, and expansive mountain ranges would sound like musically. And so, I composed 10 pieces that blend together ambient, modern classical, and cinematic elements to reflect what I felt that would sound like, a soundtrack for exploring the wilderness. Go out, explore, discover.”


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